Healthy Ways To Gain Weight Fast

There are thousands of articles written on tips and tricks for losing weight most of which are easily available online but unfortunately, there is very limited information present on ways to gain weight. Excessive weight or in other words obesity is though the problem of millions of people worldwide but if you look around then you will also see people who are too skinny that sometimes we feel they can barely walk. Some people are skinny just because their parents or grandparents are so while others loss their weight as a result of any serious illness whether physical or mental. Though, there are various reasons of having an underweight body but our main concern here is to gain the weight in as healthy manner as possible.

Healthy Weight

I have used the word “healthy” for a reason. 80% of the people are able to gain weight within a matter of days but unfortunately they use unhealthy means for it and they have to face severe problems due to this single mistake. What skinny people do is start eating in fact overeating high calorie food without any limit. This results in an increase in their weight but it affects their health badly as cholesterol or fats are not good for our body. So, from now onwards stop listening to those who suggest eating unhealthy food rich with fats and calories. Your target should not be just to gain weight but to gain healthy weight.

What Are The Healthy Ways For Gaining Weight?

Following are some of the healthy ways to gain weight fast. If you follow them consistently then you will start seeing results in less than a month.

Eat Right: Every one of us eat for living then why some of us are skinny while others are obese? It is because we do not eat right. If you eat thrice or five times a day but still you are skinny then it means you do not eat right so it is the time to start taking a balanced diet. Your food should have a balanced proportion of proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Start taking following food items to increase your weight without affecting your health.

  • Eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Milk
  • Fish
  • Chicken/meat/beef
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Fresh fruits
  • Dry fruits

You must also increase the quantity of food you eat. You might be eating lesser then your body needs to increase your food intake but don’t increase it up to an extent that you start to overeat everything.

Build Muscles: Our muscles only grow when they are given tough time. By tough time I mean exercise so start doing different exercises to help muscles grow. This will add more mass or in other words weight to your body.

Take Good Sleep: Majority of the people are unaware of fact that good sleep increases our weight so long sleepless nights you spend in front of your laptop may also be a cause of your skinny body. You must take at least 7 hours of quality sleep every night. Experts say that 10PM in the night till 5AM at the morning is best time for sleep.

Increase Your Physical Activity: Most of the skinny people say that they do not feel hungry at all or they feel little hunger. This is because they do not perform any physical activity. When our body performs any physical activity then it starts to burn calories as a result of which a feeling of hunger develops so increase your physical activity so that you can feel hungry as it is the only way you can increase your food intake.

If anyone asks you how to gain weight then do share these tips with him.