Insights To Stopping Breastfeeding

Although breastfeeding bring numerous health benefits to baby and mother yet there comes a time when mother has to stop breastfeeding. Either you start breastfeeding or stop breastfeeding it needs some time for adjustment. In case of ending breastfeeding mother has to take care of lot of things at a time. She not only has to wean herself by controlling her diet and other factors but also has to look after her child nutrition as he is now dependent on other food sources than breastfeed. There are number of question asked by mothers regarding breastfeeding. Some of the most common questions related to stopping of breastfeeding with answers are given below.

When To Stop Breastfeeding?

In general it is said that when your child start showing interest in eating solid foods and no longer resist drinking of alternative milk sources then it is the best indication that your child wants to wean. The recommended age for breastfeeding is 1-2 years but if you have any health problem, breast infection etc you can wean early also.

How Should I Stop Breastfeeding?

Stopping of breastfeeding needs time so give it time. Any abrupt changing in breastfeeding routine can make your child confuse and offensive also. So, wean your child and yourself gradually .There is number of things that can help you in weaning process such as


The first thing to consider is diet. Eliminating of such foods from diet that boost up your milk production can help you in weaning. In addition, add such foods in your diet that decrease milk production such as cabbage, ginger etc.

Reduce Number of Breastfed

To make child adapted to new situation reduce the number of breastfeed you usually offer to him. For instance if you breastfeed your child five times a day skip one nursing time that you think is least important in start and then gradually reduce it to 1-2 per day. Meanwhile do not let your child physically stimulate your breast by touching nipples etc as it leads to milk letdown.


If you want rapid weaning then medicines can also help you in this regard. But do not completely rely on medicines give importance to other factors also such as diet.

Overcoming Problems Related To Stopping Breastfeeding:

The major problem that most of the women face when undergoing weaning is breast pain and breast infections such as mastitis and sore nipples.

Breast pain

Breast pain usually occurs when breast gets filled with milk and there is no let down. In such case presence engorgement of milk in breast make them heavy, hard and painful. The most effective method that can help you to overcome pain is placing of cabbage leaves on breast. Cabbage leaves dry your mill naturally. In addition, you can also take pain killers; do massage etc to relief the pain.


It is a condition in which breasts get red, inflammated and painful because of damaging of breast tissues followed by chilling and fever. Mothers are more vulnerable to this infection when they are weaning. The only way to overcome this infection is use of antibiotics. If your breasts get inflammated or red spots appear on it consult your doctor as these are indication of mastitis.

Sore Nipples

To overcome sore nipples the best way is to do massage. Massage relaxes the breasts muscles and hence reduces the soaring. In addition, practicing of proper hygienic habits also reduce the chance of soaring nipples.

The major issue related to breastfeeding is how to stop breastfeeding. Once you understand your baby’s      routine and his habits it become easier for you to undergo smooth weaning without experiencing any pain.