New Firmware v40.0.005 Brings Kinetic Scrolling & More To The Nokia 5800XM

The Nokia 5800XM is the third consecutive device to get a new firmware this week, but this time the firmware brings many new features to the Nokia device, some of which includes:

– Kinetic Scrolling
– New Home “Contacts Bar”
– QWERTY Keyboard Auto Rotation (on text input screens)
– Removed Download! (Ovi Store still available)
– Replaced “Update Application” with “SW Update” as on the Nokia N97
– Ovi Contacts
– More Responsive UI

The new firmware v40.0.005 can be installed by typing *#0000# from the dialer and then selecting ‘check for updates.’ If it is not available over-the-air, you can update via the Nokia Software Updater (NSU) or Ovi Suite on your PC. The new update should be available right now for most product codes, and even though the 5800XM supports User Data Preservation (UDP), we still recommend you make a full back up before updating your device.

New Firmware v22.007 | Nokia E72

The Nokia E72 has just received it’s first firmware update which takes the device up to v22.007. The new firmware is quite small and indicates that it contains mainly bug fixes and software optimizations. The Nokia E72 supports UDP (User Data Preservation) and therefore it will not wipe off all your data when updating, however we still recommend you do a full back up before installing the new update. To get this update through your device using FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air), simply type in *#0000# on the home screen and select ‘check for updates’. If the firmware is not yet available via FOTA, you can also update through NSU (Nokia Software Updater) or Ovi Suite.

New Firmware v21.006 | Nokia N86 8MP

The Nokia N86 8MP has received a minor firmware update taking it up from v20.115 to v21.006. New firmware updates generally contain bug fixes and optimizations necessary for other software to perform correctly, therefore we recommend you always keep your device up to date. You can update your device using FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) by simply typing *#0000# on your homescreen and selecting check for updates or you can also use NSU (Nokia Software Updater) and Ovi Suite. Although the Nokia N86 supports UDP (User Data Preservation), we still recommend you do a full backup to ensure you do not lose any data, especially if you’re updating using NSU.

If you notice any changes to your device or any improvements after updating your firmware, drop a comment and let us know below.

Active Applications When Multitasking On The Nokia N900

The Nokia N900 is a great device for multitasking. With its 600 MHz processor and Maemo 5 OS, the device can handle a ridiculous amount of open applications and switch between them seamlessly. All the applications remain active during multitasking, and I have made a short clip using two accelerometer based applications, Angle Meter Touch and Level Touch (now available to download from the Ovi Store), to demonstrate this feature. Check out the video after the break.

New Firmware v1.2009.44.1 | Nokia N900

The Nokia N900 has just recieved a new minor firmware update taking it from v1.2009.42.11 to v1.2009.44.1. This is the first firmware update that has been released for the Nokia N900 and although it is a minor update there has been quite a few noticeable changes which include a re-designed Application Manager. I have also noticed that an Ovi repository as been added in the application catalogues. This indicates that the Ovi Store for the Nokia N900 should be opening any time now. The new firmware update can be downloaded either using the built in application manager or the traditional way using NSU (Nokia Software Updater). Unfortunately, there is no Ovi Suite support and the UDP (User Data Preservation) details are fairly ambiguous, so we recommend a full backup before you update. After updating I noticed that my Contacts, Conversations, Calendar Entries, Notes, Music and Videos, all remained on the device. However my email accounts, access points, homescreen widgets, applications were not preserved. According to MaemoWorld, if you update it using the application manager all your data will be preserved.

Let The Bounce Boing Battle Begin

Nokia announced another great game last week which is also due to hit the Ovi Store soon. Bounce Boing Battle is a multiplayer addition to the ‘Bounce’ range, and pits two players against each other using two separate Nokia S60 5th Edition handsets. Opponents must bounce a ball back and forth in an attempt to get it past one another’s goal. As the ball approaches your side of the court, use your Nokia’s touch capabilities to draw a line in front of the ball. If you draw the line at the correct time at the correct spot, the ball flings back at an angle depending on the direction of your line. Check out the trailer for this game after the break.