On Saturday July 17, The Company is pleased to present SHADOW EFFECT, a group exhibition that brings together thirteen artists whose works contain shades of black, gray, silver, white – sans color. A selection of videos, photography, collage, sculpture, and painting all pertain to this sparse palate.

Black and white is usually reserved for information, and read as straightforward, eschewing any manipulation that color represents. In artwork, the application of black, white, silver, and gray can be mysterious and poignant. Color instantly seduces or repels, whereas the concoction of black and white unfolds slowly and hypnotizes you secretly. One is struck more by the artworks’ form and gesture than by its cloak of colors.

Lynda Benglis
Deville Cohen
Mike Cooter
Jen DeNike
Jesse Reding Fleming
Gandalf Gavan
Alexa Gerrity
Elias Hansen
Davida Nemeroff
Mary Anna Pomonis
Ali Prosch
Mariah Robertson
Sigrid Sandström